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After Dinner Mints

Poetry Chapbook by Maria Lupinacci


Published by FootHills Publishing

From the book:
Stained With Grey
Liquid dream,
you pretentious serpent who trips
me into somebody who cares.
I loathe your cure, your
vomit of truth that trickles
through my frame.
The metal burns teasing the batter,
my fix calls me home. It paints my wings
in shades of blue.
Rebel, rebel, my antidote, curse
the innuendos. I am flying
free. I have entered the purple
palace of Tainted Means.
I am a moon kissed by stars, caught by a lasso
weaved out of pins. "To the ground, to the ground."
I hear the worms chant.
I shout back, "Crawl mud-eaters,
Crawl! Twist and grovel. Spiral
down, spiral down."
I'll meet you in the next meantime
of colored yesterdays
by black and white
masochistic screams.
In dedication to Cristina Marie Riggs ~
Septemeber 3, 1968 - June 20, 1991

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Nox - An Anthology of Dark Poets Against Abuse (Gromagon Press, 2006)


Featuring poetry by: Ellen Williams, Ria Sarno, Mykel, Moonfyre, Rainey Moon, Marysia, Maria Lupinacci, James Houtain, Eric Hathaway, Nora Gupton, Gabrielle, Laura Marie DePierre, Malcolm Deeley, Dylan Cowles, Benjamin Coulter.
All proceeds from sales of NOX - An Anthology of Dark Poets Against Abuse being donated to Community Action Stops Abuse (CASA).  Orders for the Nox Anthology may be placed by inquiring at
From the Back Cover:

When the human spirit is assaulted, when diginity and safety are stripped away, then the time has come to speak and act.  Fifteen poets are here assembled to make a powerful statement that abuse in our society will not be accepted in silence.  These are dark visions, but in them lie the subtleties of souls that are indomitable beyond measuring.  All have donated their creative powers to this book, and all proceeds from its sale will be donated to support safe havens for survivors of abuse.

Gromagon Press, 2006


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